Admiral Tibett - Trouble To Man (Woman Is A Trouble)
Al Campbell - Turn Me On
Ansel Meditation - Vision
Anthony Johnson - Too Much Sufferation
Anthony Redrose - Only Human
Asher Senator - Senator No Skin Up
Augustus Pablo - Coconut Oil
Big Youth - All Nation Bow
Big Youth - Jim Squashey
Black Radical MK II - Ainít No Black
Brigadier Jerry - Jah Creation (Born To Love Jah)
Brigadier Jerry - What Kind Of World
Buju Banton, Ernest Wilson & Major Christie - Do Dem Sumpín
Burro Banton - The Don
Charlie Chaplin - Dance In The Atlantic Ocean
Chilla Rinch - Sensi
Cobra - Mr. Wicked In Bed
Cobra - Tight Underneath
Cocoa Tea - Love Me
Cocoa Tea - We Do The Killing
Cocoa Tea, Garnett Silk & Charlie Chaplin - Every Knee Shall Bow
Coffee - Loney Life
Collin Roach - Always Start To Cry
Colorman - Preach The Gospel
Dean Fraser - Sax Excursion
Dean Frazer - Burial
Dean Frazer - Double Croft
Delly Ranks - Respect Due
Derrick Irie - Sexing lab
Dillinger - Cocaine
Don Angelo - Fe Me Daddy
Dr. Nuts - Crazy Glue
Duckman - Real Gun
Eccleton Jarret - Give Thanks And Praise
Frankie Paul - Love Of My Life
Frankie Paul - Merry Christmas
Freddy McKay - Settle For Me
Future Troubles & Bounty Killer - Kill A Soundboy
Garnett Silk - Send Dem
General Echo - Arlene
Half Pint - Crazy Girl
Hopeton James - Let Me Through
Horace Andy - Love Is The Tight
Horace Martin - Water Mallon Man
Ian Sweetness - Ebony Eyes
J.J. Denton - Honey
Jah Stitch - Domino Tournament
Jah Thomas - Nah Get No Loving Tonight
Jah Thomas, Mafia & Fluxy - Stagaback
Jah Woosh - Show Us The Way
Jigsy King - As It Dun Load It Back
Johnny Osbourne - Rub A Dub
Johnny Ringo - Dedicated To Jah
Junior Brammer - Line Up And Come
Junior More - A Medley Of Songs
Junior Reid - Black Man Seed
King Kong - Call Mr. Madden
King Kong - Step On My Corn
King Solomon - Dream Of Me
Lady Venus - Matey Deh Bout
Leroy Sibbles - High Grade
Linval Thompson - Dem A Bawl
Little John - Itís Christmas Time
Little John - Look What You Have Done
Little Kirk - Whatís Love Got To Do
Lloyd Hemmings - Raggamuffiní Soldier
Lone Ranger - Fe Mi Woman A De Besí
Louie Lepkie - 42nd Street
Lukie D. - Hardcore Loving
Macka B. - Bible Reader
Mega Banton & Daddy Vic - Ganja Fi Bun
Michael Prophet - Room Full
Nicodemus - Suzi Wong
Nitty Gritty - False Alarm
Nitty Gritty - Good Morning Teacher
Nitty Gritty - We Three Kings
Pad Anthony - Ease On Down The Road
Papa Levi - Trouble In Africa
Patrick Andy - Come Fe Mash It
Peter Broogs - Dance In A Me Area
Prince Jammy - Rub A Dub Verison
Prisoner Of War - Over Da Hills
Professor Nuts - Crazy Glue
Ranking Joe - African Thing
Ranking Joe - Christine
Rapper Orett - Easy Nu Youthman
Red Fox - No Punny Tonight (No Loviní)
Reggie Stepper - Drum Pon Sound
Reggie Stepper - Kimbo King
Richie Stephens & Papa San - JOB
Robert Ffrench - Have A Merry Christmas
Sabba Tooth - Ganja Man
Shabba Ranks - Roots & Culture
Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
Spanner Banner - Extra Man
Sugar Minott - Jah Jah Rule
Sugarbear & Silver Boom - Fi Di Red Alert
Super Beagle - Dust A Sound Boy
Super Black - We Rule
Tanya Stephens - 1-1-9
Technique All Stars - Stalag 17
Techniques - Stalag
Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm
Tenor Saw & Buju Banton - Ring The Alarm Quick
Triston Palmer - On Holy Night
Vigilante - Yardie Girls
Wayne Palmer - Hell In Town
Wayne Palmer - Nuh Remember
Wayne Smith - Come Along
Yami Bolo - When A Man In Love
Yellowman - One Yellowman Ina The Yard
Youth Man - Mr. Boss Man