Sean Paul

Intro: yo tell dem seh is a empire wi a build roun nuh iya
Mi nuh chink com ich up pon wi baggage
Ca wi nuh waan nuh bwou itch an pitch an get ditch yuh understand

The line cross an yuh shoulda neva try tresspass
Badmon affi guh cut the whola dem of fast
Dem time pass shoulda did know the dutty cup dem a boss
Flip up unu wi get head blast (repx2)

Verse 1:
Because, how dem fi dis we when dem know seh mon a shotta
Man a playa an we deh ya gonna mek annoda dolla
When i gonna mek a mon a keep it undacova
A dutty cup di family yuh jus a discova
Bring di ransom, son, quick dont bodda me now
Use yuh wisdom, or, lose yuh cranium
Because election a run an up ina dis millenium
A dutty cup an sean a pual a tear di whole place dung


Verse 2:
Because dem a spy  pon mi residence
Done si di evidence
Lef dem finga print pon di back fence
Dem a dip ina mi dividends, dutty cup regiments
Nah res till dem bwoy deh face consequence
But, how mi fi waste shot pon dis ugly script nigga
Double tek infa machwood dat dey pon di corna
Hear mi lickle brodda utta from ova mi shoulda
Got yuh back now son so gwaan deal wid di matta from...


Verse 3:
Because dem cyaant touch me empiya at all
Loss dem space up ina di race now dem headin for a fall
Dem neva did look fi si di writin on da wall
New roll call program stall dem nuh stop bawl
Tell dem  nuh fi tek it up, dem cyaant manage shotta wok
Walk ina di place a beg friend dem a guh get butt up
Mek a mistake dem a guh end up pon di duppy truck
Buk up buk up nuh bodda ram wid di cup..


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